Chi Chi Cosmetics – Pop Princess Palette Review

If you have been following me for a while you’ll probably know that Chi Chi Cosmetics is one of my favourite affordable cosmetic companies. Well, they have introduced a bunch of new palettes to their range and when I saw the Pastels in the Pop Princess Palette I knew I wanted it.

I’ve been wanting a pastel palette since Kat Von D brought out her Pastel Goth palette, I didn’t get that because honestly, I didn’t think I would use it enough to want to pay $60. So I’ve been waiting for a more affordable brand to come out with something similar.

When I first saw this I was more interested in the mattes than the shimmers but when I saw it in store I completely changed my mind. I love the colours of both the mattes and the shimmers, however, I do think that I would prefer a green matte instead of to purples.

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In this palette, you get some nice warm and cool tones, including a yellow (matte), gold (shimmer), Peach (matte & shimmer), Pinks (matte & shimmer), Lilac (matte & shimmer), Lavender (matte & shimmer), Blue (matte) and Green (shimmer.)

I’ve had fun playing around with these, the mattes especially, I’ve been really inspired to create some fun pastel looks. I do find that I need to build these up and the mattes especially work best on a sticky white base.

The swatches above are all brush swatches but as you can see I did have to build them up to get a nice level of pigmentation, this works the same with application.

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I created this look using several of the eyeshadows in this palette. I started by applying Nyx Cosmetics jumbo pencil in milk and blended it out with my finger. I set the top portion of my with a white eyeshadow.

I then applied the matte pink (1) as a transition colour, I applied the Lavender (2) in the outer corner and in the crease and placed the Lilac (3) in the centre and inner portions of the lid. I applied some Too faced glitter glue and wet a flat brush with my setting spray and applied the Lilac (4) shimmer and Lavender (5) Shimmer on the lid over the mattes.

If you don’t own any glitter glue or setting spray just use water to dampen your brush before applying the shimmer eyeshadows, by wetting the brush it will help with applying the eyeshadow and giving it a more foiled look.

lastly, I applied the matte blue (6) in the inner corner and placed the Green (7) shimmer over the top.

Side note – I often have trouble getting eyeliners to apply properly on my waterline so apologies if it looks a bit crap.

I would definitely recommend this palette, I’ve loved playing with these fun colours. If you are interested in purchasing it, I do find it works best with a sticky white base (this will help the colours show up more) I recommend the Nyx jumbo pencil in milk this is what I like to use for making colourful eyeshadows stand out more.

For those of you who live in Australia, you can find Chi Chi Cosmetics in Myers, Target or via their Website.



DB Cosmetics – Holiday Collection

The Holiday season will soon be upon us, and for us beauty enthusiasts this means holiday collections are being released. So many pretties to choose from. With my first Holiday post, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on some of the items in the Designer Brands 2017 Holiday Collection. This is a great little affordable collection with a lot of items only retailing for $14.99, super affordable.


Up In Lights – Highlighting Kit

The ‘Up In Lights’ Highlighting Kit is the outstanding product in this collection, I think it’s defiantly comparable to some of the high-end palettes out there. I have a couple in my collection including the ABH Aurora glow kit and I think these defiantly compares to those.

I was super impressed with these, I couldn’t believe how much glow I could get, I was defiantly not expecting it. I think these are amazing for their price point, they create a beautiful glow. I feel like these would suit many different people with different skin tones and even if you like a more subtle highlight than a blinding one I feel like you could both get that with these.

If I would recommend getting one thing from this collection I would recommend trying to get your hands on this one.

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All Eyes On You & Paparazzi Eyeshadow Palettes

As for the palettes I was excited to try these I thought they looked beautiful, I think it’s great that affordable brands are starting to put more into their packaging design. The packaging on these resembles that of high-end brand Too Faced Cosmetics, with tin packaging like on their ‘Chocolate Bar’ and ‘Sweet Peach’ palettes, even the layouts are similar. I really like this because it has nice hardy packaging that won’t break easily unlike most of the cheap plastic packaging you usually see from cheaper brands.

As for the actual eyeshadows themselves, they are nice for affordable palettes, but not great, the pigmentation is underwhelming but they are somewhat buildable.

I tend to have lower expectations when it comes to more affordable brands so I’m not totally disappointed if they aren’t fabulous. The shimmers are really nice actually and the mattes are blendable but I did have a bit of trouble with some of the shades just blending out completely and had to build up numerous times to get a nice opaque colour. There is also a bit of kick up in the pans because these are a very soft formula, so if that bothers you, you probably won’t like these.

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Each of these palettes have a nice range of colours, the ‘All Eyes On You’ has a range of different colours, from neutrals to oranges, to warm berries and a nice pop of green, so I feel that you could get a range of different looks with these. I used this to create my look in the photos above.

Paparazzi’ has more of a ‘Modern Renaissance’ vibe with a lot of darker warm tones; it has some neutrals, berries, burnt oranges and some golden shades. Though unlike ABH’S ‘Modern Renaissance’ it has a tone more shimmery shades with seven in total, these range from white, peach and golden shades to deep chocolate and a mauve/lilac shade. So you could get some nice looks with these.

So do I think these are worth it? For the price point, they are not bad. If you’re looking to try out some different colours but don’t want to spend a lot then yes they are. If you don’t like having to build up colour and spend time blending then I would give these a miss.

Overall I think that this is a good collection based on the items I purchased, though I think the Highlight Kit is the star of this Holiday collection, so If you wanted to get something from this collection then that would be my recommendation. The eyeshadow palettes are affordable and would make a nice gift maybe for someone starting out with makeup, especially the ‘All Eyes On You’ as it has a range of colours to play with or if you wanted to try out something different and didn’t want to spend a lot of money then these might be nice to start off with if your unsure.

Have you picked up anything from this Holiday collection? what were your thoughts? Are you planning on picking up anything this holiday season?

I hope you all have a great time this holiday season, P.s lookout soon for my review and look using the Kat Von D Beauty Saint & Sinner Palette.


Fun Fact – Designer Brands are Cruelty-Free & Vegan, great to know if you’re a cruelty-free advocate.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.

Happy Halloween – Pastel Neon Skull Look

While I don’t really celebrate Halloween (since I live in Australia,) other than the annual watching of Halloween movies, I still wanted to post at least one Halloween look. This look is a somewhat pastel version attempt at Atleeey’s Neon Skull look, you can watch her videos via her Youtube channel and find her on instagram.

Her Halloween looks that she has been doing for Ashtoberfest are amazing and when I saw this look I know I wanted to have a go at trying something like this out.

I don’t have a huge amount of neon eyeshadows so I wanted to go for a more pastel version, even though I added some neon paint on the neck which I admit was an afterthought because I just felt like something was missing. This look had many firsts for me, it was my first time using water activated paints, I used Tag Body Art Paints and I had not attempted something like this before.

I layered eyeshadows from my collection on top of a white base which included the new Chi Chi Pop Princess palette and some loose pigments.

I tried to use minimal editing in these pictures but I did change my eye colour using photoshop because I don’t have access to any coloured contact lenses and I loved how she used some in her look.

Even Though there are a few things I could definitely improve on, I’m really happy with this look seeing as it was my first attempt using water activated body paints. I’ve tried attempting sugar skulls before with cream paints but I feel like water activated are much easier to work with and this kind of skull is so much easier.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick Happy Halloween to anyone who’s celebrating, whether its just watch movies like me or having a party. What are your favourite Halloween Movies? I’ve been watching Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands but I also love Nightmare before Chrismas and the Frighteners.

If your going out for Halloween, What are you dressing up as?

Hugs & Kisses


Disclaimer – This look is inspired by Atleeey’s Neon Skull look, follow her for more awesome creative makeup looks.

Review – Nutrimetics – Nutri-Rich

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I’m a big fan of Nutrimetics skin care. I’ve featured their products in a few of my posts over the years, and I’m still very much a fan of their products. Today I’m going to be posting about one of my favourite ranges from the brand, the Nutri-rich range, which is infused with a great range of yummy ingredients like Apricot oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil and  Vitamin E just to name a few.

I feel very fortunate to be able to try out these products, as my Mum has quite an extensive collection and occasionally I like to raid her cupboard but I have also received many of their products as gifts as well as purchasing myself.

What I love about this collection is that the formula contains ingredients like apricot oil to help hydrate the skin. The products in this range are quite extensive, ranging from lip balms to oils, body butter, shower oils and soap, as well as the newer additions, like their hair care range.

This is just a small example of some products included in this range, but there is much more.



I’ve tried many products from this range and I would have to say that some of my favourites are the body butter and body creme, though I feel like these products are very similar in that they are both used in the same way, But I think it comes down to personal preference in which one you might prefer. The body butter has a thicker consistency and the body cream is quite a light formula, I think I prefer a thicker consistency with my body moisturizer, but I honestly don’t feel like there is any difference in how moisturized my skin feels after I’ve used either on. And I also don’t feel like there is any difference in the amount of product that I use per application with either of these products.

I feel the main difference for me and this could be a con for some people is that thicker body butter can be a little heavier and may take a little longer to absorb. I honestly don’t really have an issue with this as I put it on straight after getting out of the shower and have still felt like it has melted into my skin by the time I put clothes on.

As far as the body satin goes I really wanted to like this but I feel like I don’t get the same feel level of moisturization as with the previously mentioned products even when massaging into my skin. I also feel like this stuff gets everywhere if I don’t stand in my shower it gets all over my floor and well Yuck, I don’t want to have to mop my floor after every application.



I recently tried the shower oil and I love it, I love pairing it with my other body wash to add some extra hydration or my body creme after getting out of the shower to give me that extra luscious skin. I have to say my first time using this I was really impressed and  It felt very luxurious and I love when I only need a little bit of product to do my whole body. I find it lather up really nicely and gives my skin a nice softness.

As for the bathing bar, I feel like this gives a similar feel to the skin but I guess It’s up to personal preference as I know not everyone out there are fans of soap. As far as soaps go I feel like it’s quite expensive but a bar of this can last me most of the year.



Earlier this year I was given one of the new Nutri-rich oil ointment, It’s not bad I like the squeezy tube and I like that I can get a small amount out of the tube but honestly I don’t feel like there is any difference between this and the original oil in the tub. Though the pros are that it comes in a travel-friendly tube.

If you like oils like Rosehip and alike then you would probably like this, I like using it as a lip treatment but also its great as a hydrating serum, though you might prefer to use this as a night serum as it does take a while to absorb into the skin.

I’ve also tried the lip balm I’ve currently got two on the go, these are great to have in your bag, they come in a lipstick style tube so they are great for travel, but I honestly feel like I have other lip balms that I like a little bit more so I don’t reach for these as much as I did a couple of years ago.

I’ve had mine for a while so I’m not sure if they are better now but honestly, I feel like you could get a cheaper lip balm that is a lot nicer like Bert’s Bee’s are some of my favourites and they are relatively inexpensive.

I feel like this is a great range, there are some definite hits but also some misses. So if you’re interested in purchasing any of the mentioned products as always I recommend purchasing when any of the products come on sale. You can purchase through a consultant or via the Nutrimetics website.

Hugs & Kisses


Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.

Copyright – Cover Image copyrighted to Erin Applebee, Product image copyrighted to Nutrimetics Australia.


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I just wanted to apologise I realise that some of the images in some of my posts aren’t working and I’m unsure why because I can see them all in my media gallery but for some reason, I can not get them to load on the published post. I have tried re-uploading and it just does not want to work. I’m assuming its a WordPress issue, I’ve tried finding a solution and I can’t seem to find a reason why they shouldn’t be working, so bear with me while I try to fix them.


Ruby Grunge look featuring BYS Berries & Cosmic palette + Review

I’ve been eyeing off some of the newer BYS products for a while now, I feel like they have totally upped their game since I used them in my teens. I couldn’t resist picking up the Berries & Cosmic eyeshadow palettes when I saw them for $12 at my local Gloss store. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the eyeshadow, especially the mattes they are super soft and buttery and the pigmentation was way better than I expected and they blend beautifully.

As for the shimmers, they are all beautiful however I did feel some disappointment at first because when I first applied I felt like the pigmentation could have been better but I was able to build up the colour and blended well.

I created this look using a combination of colours from both the Cosmic and Berries palette. I blended some of the matte shades from the Berries palette into my crease and on my lid (Sundown and Majestic – crease & transition, Cherry Bomb – lid)  and used Eclipse (all over lid) and Equinox (inner corner) from the Cosmic palette.

I also used the shade Radiance from the Berries palette as a highlight on my cheeks, nose, cupids bow and brow bone.

I realise its hard to see some of these colours in the image because the red is very overpowering and I apologise for my blending but let’s just say I still need practice in this area.


My main interest in grabbing the Berries palette was to see if it was a close dupe to the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and I was totally right the colours are very similar, the only difference is that there are two colours missing but honestly there are a few very similar shades in that palette so they won’t make any difference in the looks you could create.

While I’ve accumulated a few high-end palettes over the last couple of years I am well aware that not everyone can or wants to spend that much on makeup, so I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone interested in adding some warm orange, red or berry tones to their collection.

As for the Cosmic palette, I feel like this is a supplementary palette depending on what you’re looking for in an eyeshadow palette, I guess. This palette is all shimmers so if you like working with a combination of mattes and shimmers then you will have to pull in matte shades from another palette. I feel like this palette has a great range of colours from warm to cool to more colourful shades like purple, green and blue, but I did have to pull in shades from another palette to work with these.

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Overall I’m quite impressed with these palette’s they were way better than I expected and for something that cost me under $15 I was blown away. I would definitely be interested in trying out some more products from BYS Cosmetics, I’ve been eyeing off some of their contour palettes and would love to see how they compare to other affordable brands out there.

I feel like these palettes are great for people just starting out, they are way-way better than the stuff I started out with when I was younger, so I can totally appreciate the nice sturdy metal packaging. But I also think these are a great option for people wanting to try out certain trends. From what I’ve seen they seem to have a great range of palettes from cool to warm to trendy colours.

Would you like to see a comparison of the Berries palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance? with swatches and application.

Hugs & Kisses


P.S BYS Cosmetics are Cruelty-free how great is that, if your interest in checking them out you can find their website here.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.

Favourite Clay Face Masks

In the last couple of years, I’ve been getting more into my skin care, being in my late 20’s I feel it important to take care of my skin. When it comes to skincare I prefer to use more natural based products than something that has lots of toxin and chemicals.

My skin care routine has changed over the years, I used to struggle with oilyness, black heads and break outs. When it came to taking care of my skin I struggled with knowing what to use to because there are just so many things out there it can be overwhelming.

But years on I have found some favourite skincare brands that I love and while I feel like my skincare is still pretty simple I like to add in extra things (other than just your standard cleanse and moisturize) like face masks and serums.

Today I’m going to share with you, my favourite face masks. Being that I have combo/oily skin I like to use mostly clay bases masks, So her are my top 3 favourite clay masks.

1. Sukin – Purifying Facial Masque

Sukin has some of my favourite clay masks, I like to use their Purifying facial mask by its self or in combination with their detoxifying mask to get the most out of my skin care.

The Purifying Mask uses a base of Kaolin clay with aloe vera and rose hip to help soothe and hydrate. It’s great for all skin types and has no nasties so its great for sensitive skin. The ingredients in this mask create a gentle treatment to help cleanse, tone and de-stress your skin.

2. Sukin – Detoxifying Clay Masque (super greens)

I love the Sukin ‘Super Greens’ range because it has lots of great ingredients like kale, spirulina and parsley to help detox your skin. I love using this after a week of wearing heaps of makeup, it helps detox my skin after wearing foundation which doesn’t always have the nicest ingredients.

I’ve been loving glowy skin lately and the super greens range helps with a clean, healthy and glowy complexion so I love this mask to help give me that lovely glow look. ( I also recommend their Super Greens Serum.)

Kale, spirulina, parsley and chiorella help with detoxifying and adding a boost of antioxidants and vitamins to help promote healthy, youthful skin. While avocado and baobab help lock in moisture and goji berries encourage a with a glowy dewy complexion.

3. Nutrimetics – Mineral Masque

I feel like I’ve talked about this one before but this is an old favourite I’ve been using this for years. It was the first clay mask I had ever tried back in the day this got me started with liking face masks.

This is a classic style clay mask that helps deep clean your skin which helps reduce excess oils while toning and moisturizing with apricot fruit extracts and soybean oil.


I seriously recommend trying out Sukin as a skin care brand they are quite reasonably priced and have a great range of products that are suitable for different skin types.

Nutrimetics are great If you’re wanting to try something more expensive, they have big skincare range that targets different skin types from acne to anti-aging I believe.

I hope you enjoyed this favourites post? what are your favourite skin care masks?



Sukin can be purchased from different retailers like Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and some pharmacies. However if you are interested to purchase Nutrimetics products you can do this through a consultant or via their website, I find its best to look out for sales with their products as they can be expensive.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.